Leading seed supplier prepared for next planting season

Last season Demeter Seed of Malawi emerged as the leading seed supplier for the FISP program. Certified seed of approved varieties of maize and legumes was made available through close to 900 agricultural input dealers nationwide. Seed could be purchasd with FISP coupons.

FISP maize FISP legumes

Demeter Seed is a Malawian company producing seed in Malawi for Malawi. For next season the seed processing and packing is on track and Demeter feels confident that it will again be able to make a significant contribution to timely good quality seed supply for food production in Malawi.


Demeter Seed connecting with Malawi farmers nationwide

In preparation for the next planting season Demeter Seed is participating in ag-shows nationwide. This in order to connect with local farmers and inform them on the importance of good seed.

Because it  starts with the seed. If the wrong seed is planted all the other inputs and efforts are wasted. If the genetic potential is not there, the optimum utilsation of inputs will not be possible.

Here some impressions.



DemeterSeed training agro-dealers for good seed distribution in Malawi

Good food production starts with good farmers planting good seed. To make this possible Demeter Seed of Malawi puts a lot of effort into training it’s agro-dealer distributors for professsional product knowledge and timey distribution.

For this Demeter Seed is holding various workshops at key centres throughout Malawi in order to be well prepared for the next planting season and provide the Malawi farmers with the tools they need to provide sufficient food for the nation.



Demeter Seed ranks 13 in Africa

Seed companies are a crucial partner in efforts to raise smallholder farmer productivity and achieve food and nutrition security. For the second time, the Access to Seeds Index shines a light on companies taking the lead in reaching smallholder farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa ranking Demeter Seed of Malawi 13th.

Read full report here >>


2019 Malawi’s maize production up by 26%

MG  Press release Lilongwe 27/2//2019 – Malawi is expecting to have bumper harvest this year following preliminary crop estimates showing that maize production is projected at 3,387,587 metric tons, representing 25.6 percent increase in production as compared to the 2017/18 final round estimates of 2,697,959 metric tons.

This increase in production is attributed to increase in yields due to favourable weather conditions and increase in inputs uptake by farmers.

Addressing the new conference on Tuesday morning, in the capital Lilongwe Minister of Agriculture Joseph Mwanamveka attributed the increase in maize production to increased number of beneficiaries, improved availability and accessibility of seed and fertilizer. (Major thrust Demeter Seed)


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