Farm Services Unit and Demeter Seed partner in service to Malawi farmers

Farm Services Unit (FSU) offers farmers, both large and small, technical and practical advice in order to get the most out of their crop. FSU offers a full soil science service to commercial farmers, allowing for zone specific fertilization. FSU has also pioneered the largest soil testing project of it’s kind for small-scale farmers, leading to the launch of a series of specialised blends aiming at a production increase of 20%.

FSU is closely associated with Demeter Seed.

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FSU pic

Mphangala on the go!!!

Demeter Seed stamd ready for giving the information to farmers about Demeter seed attributes in Thondwe Malawi. Also about the very popular white maize hybrid Mphangala / MH26.

Demeter working on food security

With the investment in new vehicles Demeter Seed is ready to serve the Malawi farmer and work hand in hand with the farming community and it’s leaders towards food security for the Malaw nation.

Sunflower shining in Malawi

Sunflower is shining in the Demeter Seed research plot near Lilongwe. Demeter is testing various types in view of selecting the best for local conditions and bringing seed to market in near future.




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