You can’t grow crops without phosphorus

To grow properly, plants need water, light and air. They also need nutrients from the soil, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. All of these are important – but phosphorus especially, because it affects the plant early in its life. The plant needs it to build its root system, which is the basis for taking up other nutrients. Without enough phosphorus, plants are stunted and yield little.


Market waste can be an important source of compost  


Guidelines to control fall armyworms

The Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI) has released a new system of controlling fall armyworms.

The move comes after seven pesticides, developed by TPRI in 2017, proved to be ineffective against the type of worms, scientifically known as Spodoptera frugiperda.

The pesticides include Belt 480 Sc, Duduba 450 Ec, and Emamectin Benzoate, Mupacron 50Ec, Abamectin 5% and Lambda Cyhalothrin ‘karate’.



Alimi ku Malawi akonzekera mvula

Malawi farmers prepared for the rains.

Ndi nyengo ya mvula yomwe ili pafupi alimi mdziko lonse la Malawi asosa kale minda yawo kuyembekezera kudzala mbeu. Demeter seed company yapereka kale mbeu mmasitolo osiyanasiyana oposela 900 mdziko lonse la Malawi kuti mlimi ayipeze mosavutikira ndi mdera lomwe akukhala.

Ndi sosa komanso mbeu zomwe zafika kale mmadera osiyanasiyana chiyembekezo cholandira mvula yabwino chilipo

With the rainy season approaching farmers throughout Malawi have prepared their lands for planting. The Demeter Seed company has made available seeds through over 900 outlets nationwide serving the farmer close to his home.

With lands prepared and inputs in place the rains can come and hopefully plentiful.





Kasinthasintha wa ulimi wa Mtedza ndi chimanga umabweretsa zokolora zochuluka

Groundnut planting with maize for better yields

Mukadzala mosinthanasinthana mbeu ya Mtedza ndi chimanga zimathandizila kukolola zochuluka pa mbeu zonse ziwirizi. Mtedza umagwiritsa ntchito chonde chotsalila mmunda mmene munali chimanga ndiponso umakozanso nthaka yomwe imapindulira chimanga / Groundnuts planted in rotation with maize improve the productivity of both crops. Groundnuts make good use of leftover nutrients while improving soil conditions for following maize crop.

Demeter seed yagawa kale mbeu ya Mtedza wa CG7  ndiponso ikupititiza kutero mmasitolo onse a Farmers World,  Agora ndi ma agrodealers osiyanasiyanasiyana mmadera onse omwe mumalimidwa Mtedza muno MMalawi / Demeter Seed is distributing seed of the groundnut variety CG7 to branches of Farmers World and AGORA as well as various agro-dealers in groundnut producing areas in Malawi.

Click here for more information on groundnut production.



6 things agroecology can do for farming and the environment

Agroecology has returned to the global spotlight, as one approach to bring farmers closer to meeting challenges [like rising food demand]. Agroecology emerged as a science which supports food security and sustainable agriculture. In the 1960s, it was studied as the interaction between crops and the environment …. Promoting farming systems that are beneficial to producers and society, as well as the earth’s ecosystems has become a central theme ….



Farmers happy with Demeter Seed carry bag

Alimi MMALAWI akusankha mbeu za Demeter kamba ka kudalilika Kwake ndi kaberekedwe kake kochuluka mmadera osiyanasiyana. Mmadera ena alimi ambiri akusangalala kamba kolandilanso zikwama za Demeter zomwe akumanyamulira mbeu zawo.

Farmers in Malawi choose Demeter seed for good performance in the field and reliable food production. At selected distribution points they are especially happy with the carry bag they get to transport the seed back home.


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