Demeter Seed available at FISP coupon prices throughout Malawi

To enable farmers to be well prepared for planting when the rains come, Demeter Seed is dispatching seed to close to 900 agro-input shops countrywide.

Seed of maize, legumes and vegetables will be available for various varieties and in selected pack sizes.

For the government  FISP program Demeter Seed is sending out stocks of the following:

  • Maize (in 5kg bags)
    • Mchotsa Nkhawa (ZM523) – medium season
    • Kachamsanga (ZM309) – early
    • Mphangala (MH26) – medium season & hybrid yield
  • Legumes (in 1 kg bags)
    • Sugarbeans – CHUMA
    • Groundnuts
    • Soyabeans
    • Cowpeas

All seed available at FISP coupon prices

Demeter Seed stands out at Blantyre Ag Fair

Once again Demeter Seed was present with a booth at the 15th National Agriculture Fair hosted in Blantyre last week. In it’s continuous effort to communicate good farming practices in Malawi fair’s such as this one play an important role.

This season Demeter Seed is making available a wide range of seeds of maize, legumes and vegetables.  As last year Demeter Seed will also be participating in the FISP program in order to get seed to these farmers in need.

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Demeter improves visibility agricultural service centres

In an effort to assist the Malawi farmer with better crop production,  Demeter Seed is improving the visbility of it’s agricultural service centres throughout Malawi.

Besides being able to source his ag inputs such as seed, fertilizer and chemicals the food producer of Malawi can also get free advice on what crops best to plant, what varieties to choose and how best to plant and look after them.

In the picture is a Demeter ag-input store in Mchinji.







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